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The people here at Raise are just like you. We believe in the timeless traditions of hard work. We also understand how today's technology can help foster the next generation of leadership and service, while supporting the lessons learned by being accountable and responsible in caring for livestock.

We are deeply commited to utilizing modern technology in a way that ensures none of the values taught and learned from the past are lost in the process. We want to give YOU the tools to take your projects - livestock, crop, fair or club to the next level - without ever losing sight of the pride that comes from being a part of the American Tradition of earning your way, and being free to do so.
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Elevate Tradition
Put simply, we think "the old ways" are very cool. There is no subsitute for the character building and appreciation of the resources around us then to have to muck out a pen, or feed livestock at 5:00 AM at 20 below zero, breaking the ice on the water troughs, turning over the soil for next years planting, and caring for a sick animal. These foundations of discipline and leadership will translate to success in any future endeavor, and Raise wants to combine that with the best in modern technology to give these hard workers the best chance possible.